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Tarot Guild Introduction

My name is Autumn.  It is the name I was given at birth and I have no other nor any want or need for a 'special' name.  I am who I am.

Preferred method of initial contact-
LJ:  adragonwolf or through email autumnwolf76@ gee mail.com (put 'Reading Request' in subject line)

Readings offered-
Tarot and runes
No limit on card number for readings
Anyone is welcome to request a reading.  Law states this is for 'entertainment' purposes only- I am required to say this by law, so there it is.  I have a good idea what I would like to do with that law.  That being said, I am not a stockbroker, doctor, lawyer or college advisor.  If you need their advice, take their's not mine.

SHORT bio.
Since there isn't a lot of space, if you want to know anything about me, my personality and my interests, check my LJ profile page.  In regards to tarot, I have been exploring the cards since in my mid-teens (am 33 now).  I mostly kept these and other spiritual pursuits offline until now.  I have also been experimenting with runes for a few years.

Payment/Professional information-
I don't accept monetary payments.  My spirituality and services are not for sale.  I believe they are a gift and should be offered as such.  I am of the belief that to take money in the form of personal benefit negatively impacts me and the cards/runes.  I mean, I wouldn't slip a five dollar bill in the hand of the priest who just said mass (recovering catholic here) so the same principle applies.  The only thing I ask is that if I do a reading for you, you 'pay it forward' somehow- be it an act of kindness, charity or what-have-you to someone truly in need.  It can be as simple as offering a smile or if you are the touchy-feely type, a hug, to someone who really needs one or something more consuming if you are able such as volunteering or donating something to a food kitchen.