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Story time - 3rd card pick -

Our last story telling hour with our cards ended up like this, if you care to add to it, go for it. The card pulled this time is the... Ace of Swords.

Aeclectic.com tell us the meaning for this is:

The mind awakening for new challenges. This usually indicates that the person's mind is feeling sharper, clearer. They want to talk, want to discuss or write. The breeze stirs through the trees and the fledgling thinks of trying out its newly feathered wings. The sword is lifted, and the querent wants to test its edge.

We all have our own personal spin on the cards, so feel free to use yours.

Here is the story as it is now, feel free to add to it with Ace of Swords in mind to guide the story. (remember of course to try to keep the story fairly clean so that all can see it and I don't have to put the adult content filter on it)

Cards picked so far: Ace of Cups, Empress, Ace of Swords

It is Boston in the fall and love is in the air. It is a wonderfully crisp morning that is charged with energy and emotion. Feeling restless, Brooke decided to jog through the  park and take in the beautiful morning air. Until recently, she had felt uninspired in life and this morning felt like a morning where anything could happen. It was bursting with potential. She stepped out of her upper-story apartment and began to walk down the street. She was in such a mood that she didn't notice the stranger coming in the opposite direction and bumped right into them. She bent down to help pick up the newspaper they had dropped and when she looked up their eyes met. Right away she felt a strong connection to this mysterious person and wondered if their meeting was clandestine. Before she could get even their name, they were walking away mumbling at the rudeness of people running right into them. Who was this person and why did she feel so connected to them? She had to find out.

(miintikwa )

Brooke chased after the man, calling to him "wait, wait!"

He huffed, but he stopped. "What is it? You've already made me late for my meeting."

"I'm sorry," she said, blushing. "I didn't mean to--"

"Well, you did." He finally looked at her again, and she noticed that he was flushed, but it did not look like true anger. "Apology accepted, miss--"


He jerked as through hit with lightning. "Brooke?" He stepped closer to her, close enough that she could smell him, his scent like pine and forest loam. "That-- you can't be..."

(mshollie )

"Oh, nothing."

"Come on, you can tell me on the way back to your office. I can give you a lift if you like."

"No, thanks," the man replied. "I don't take rides from strangers."

"I'm not a stranger any more," Brooke told him. "Just think of it as friends we've never met. Besides, I'm going your way anyway."

"Oh, all right."

They got to her car, a white Bentley. She must have a lot of money, he thought, to afford a Bentley.

"What are you afraid of?" she asked. "Come on, get in. I'll take you to your office."

They got into the richly appointed Bentley. She had her iPod connected to the radio, which had several extensive playlists. As she pushed the "power" button on the car, she asked him to select some music.

"Wedding? What's this?" he asked.

"Oh. I'm DJing for my best friend's wedding tomorrow afternoon. You can pick one of the others if that doesn't suit you."

"Do you play weddings often?"

"You can say it's a sideline," she replied.

"So, what do you do for a living?"

"Legal assistant," she told him. "Boring, I know."

"So Where to?" Brooke asked

As he related where he was in a hurry to go, Brooke found herself not wanting him to step out of the car and out of her life. Sensing his impatience Brooke asked why he was in such a hurry. The man explained that he had a presentation and could not be late and already the world seemed to be working against him, not that he minded bumping into Brooke, he just couldn't afford to be late as his job depended on how well the presentation went today.

Hearing this, Brooke began to accelerate and swerve in and out of traffic, the Bentley wasn't just for cruising and Brooke knew how to push it for speed when it was needed. Arriving in short order at the man's place of business, Brooke realized that she didn't even have the man's name. She wished that things would slow down so that she could take the time she needed to make this acquaintance grow into something more, but it didn't seem that the cards were in her favor. Stopping the man just as he began to thank her and hop out of the car, the breeze brought his scent to her once more and she asked his name. Forever more she would associate the scent of pine and forest loam with the name Mark.

Mark turned away once more and began to hurry up the sidewalk.

"Mark!", Brooke urgently called. "Wait!"

Just catching Brooke's voice, Mark turned around. How could a stranger's voice sound so familiar?  He looked at his watch and hurried back over to the car. If he got away quickly he would just make it in time to set up the presentation with a small amount of time to spare.

"Brooke, I thanked you for the ride already and I really do appreciate it, but I have to leave if I stay much longer I will be late. "

Brooke looked hesitant, but decided to take charge of the situation. "Do you wanna get a cup of coffee or something sometime? Lunch even?"

Mark looked her up and down and hesitated, he didn't even know this woman and she was being sort of forward, "I guess we could do lunch sometime and get to know one another."

She could sense how hesitant he was and so she pushed further, not about to let him get away.

"That sounds like a date. I need your number."

" umm, well a date, I don't know I am very busy and I don't know you and..."

" I told you we aren't strangers anymore, I am Brooke and I need your number. I'm not leaving until I get it. "

He sighed and she knew that she had won this small victory as he gave her his number and hurried away into the very corporate looking building. She put the Bentley into drive and exuberantly drove back to her apartment where it was time for her to change back into normal clothing and be on her own way to work.