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Welcome to Tarot Guild!

Welcome to Tarot Guild. Come on in... don't be shy, but first read these...guidelines for being read for and guidelines for readers

So now that you have that all out of your system and know how we work...If you have any questions or complaints, go here... tarot_mods

If you are looking for references or previous conversations, please visit the remember when... section as it should be all set up to remember those things for us.

Also if you are looking for a reader with a specific rating, the tags section should help you out there. If you are looking for readers by name, our list of readers post should help, eventually it might even get organized with experience and ratings added to the reader's name...

Thanks for the interest and if you have any questions or concerns, don't be shy and let us know at tarot_mods so that we can help.

Also... NOTE: you don't have to be a member to get a reading done, so please ask away as we all like to read the cards and are more than willing to take them out for a request. It might take us a bit to get back to you, but if it takes longer than a few days, let the mods know so we can find out what the problem is for you.

To this not having to be a member end, we have also made a group on facebook that can be joined if you would like community updates and links to any of the new posts.Tarot Guild



This isn't our community on lj obviously, however I feel that her story should be shared and discussed. Follow the link to hear how a chain store in Georgia hired this woman as an entertainer to read tarot for a promotional thing for the store and because one person said that they were offended by the tarot being read there, she got treated as someone that had done something wrong and threatened that if she didn't go to the end of the parking lot far away from the store to read that the store would not pay her for the service they asked her to perform.

That is the story in a nutshell, but the details are interesting and she does give the store e-mail for people to tell the manager how they feel about the incident, if you feel so inclined, read more and perhaps speak up.

Has anyone else every experienced something similar while reading cards? In my own experience about the only thing that I have had to deal with was my own parent's reaction to the cards in the first place. Every other time I have read or had the cards out I have found that people are more curious than anything else rather than close minded, but I could have just been fortunate in my experiences.

Edit: The end of her story after many people had e-mailed and responded to what happened:community.livejournal.com/tarot/515747.html

Tarot Guild Introduction

My name is Autumn.  It is the name I was given at birth and I have no other nor any want or need for a 'special' name.  I am who I am.

Preferred method of initial contact-
LJ:  adragonwolf or through email autumnwolf76@ gee mail.com (put 'Reading Request' in subject line)

Readings offered-
Tarot and runes
No limit on card number for readings
Anyone is welcome to request a reading.  Law states this is for 'entertainment' purposes only- I am required to say this by law, so there it is.  I have a good idea what I would like to do with that law.  That being said, I am not a stockbroker, doctor, lawyer or college advisor.  If you need their advice, take their's not mine.

SHORT bio.
Since there isn't a lot of space, if you want to know anything about me, my personality and my interests, check my LJ profile page.  In regards to tarot, I have been exploring the cards since in my mid-teens (am 33 now).  I mostly kept these and other spiritual pursuits offline until now.  I have also been experimenting with runes for a few years.

Payment/Professional information-
I don't accept monetary payments.  My spirituality and services are not for sale.  I believe they are a gift and should be offered as such.  I am of the belief that to take money in the form of personal benefit negatively impacts me and the cards/runes.  I mean, I wouldn't slip a five dollar bill in the hand of the priest who just said mass (recovering catholic here) so the same principle applies.  The only thing I ask is that if I do a reading for you, you 'pay it forward' somehow- be it an act of kindness, charity or what-have-you to someone truly in need.  It can be as simple as offering a smile or if you are the touchy-feely type, a hug, to someone who really needs one or something more consuming if you are able such as volunteering or donating something to a food kitchen. 

Okay so I woke up this morning with a lingering sense of emotion from what I was dreaming about, which strangely enough happened to be scary, but not when you think about it, anyway needless to say I have been left with a lingering feeling of foreboding. Which got me to thinking of the cards for some reason, don't ask me why, my brain tends to run in circles and bump into the walls from time to time and this was one of those times. Anyway the thought occurred to me that it is time once more for a tarot guild post and since I was not feeling rather creative or had anything in mind, I decided this would work.

So what is the actual question in all that rambling? Have dreams ever lead you to confirm your dreams via the cards, if so were you receiving the same sort of messages from both? Or even perhaps how do signs and signals in your dreams seem to relate to some of the signs and signals that the tarot produces?

And also since it is February and V-day is just around the corner (I don't celebrate it even though I am married, but I know many do) so I figure for discussion purposes tell me about any V-day tarot stories you have. Also do you have any decks that work better with this sort of question than your other decks?

For me I had a reading for a friend that was done in a general way and it happened to foretell that she was going to marry the guy I set her up on a blind date with, or so she says. It also told of a large medical problem that we didn't connect it with until after it happened, and then it was the oh... that's what that meant sort of reaction. I have also had a reading for another friend predict a relationship with a crack addict ex-roomate I had. So far so good with the luck of the accuracy for romance readings, not so much with the outcome of the romances. That is pretty much it for me, but yeah and now time to quit rambling.

In your base, readin' your fortune...

Name: Kelley

Contact: LJ private message, please.

Readings Offered: I don't always read the cards "traditionally". I try to use them more as an intuitive tool and just roll with where a reading takes me. I'm always trying to develop my meager skills in mediumship and channeling/working with spirit guides, so I've been known to throw that into a reading too.

Bio: I'm a spiritual seeker, an eclectic Pagan, and the friendliest, most well-meaning misanthrope you ever will meet. I was given my first tarot deck when I was around 12, and it opened up some pretty interesting doors for me. I'm usually compassionate, occasionally cynical, and always eager to help. I have two callings in this lifetime, and I think helping others (or at the very least, trying to) might just be one of them.

Payment: I have strong moral and totally judgmental opinions on the subject of payment for spiritual services. I won't accept payment.... But I do like and need money. If you want to drop a little something in the tip jar, by all means...

I sifted through everything just on a whim today as I thought it was set up to e-mail me with any comments, but I guess I thought wrong. I found this comment and it was interesting, however since I didn't check it is months old by now, but I still feel it is a valid conversation topic and an interesting occurrence.

The question is as follows and since the person's journal was friends locked, I couldn't see what order the cards fell for her, but it brings up an interesting idea and question.

Hi, i've been finding playing cards about my local area for a week or so now (they're on my lj posted in order) and i was wondering if any members might have some thoughts as to what they're trying to tell me, if anything... i've been looking at the individual meanings, but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts to add about the 'spread' that the pavements have given me...

This makes me ask the group, have you had any similar experiences with cards in general that seem to be telling you something?

I also have another question since I skipped a month for the discussion posts. Aaurorastar420, (one of our lovely mods) recently recovered a tarot deck from a special person in her life that had passed on. Uncertain as to the condition of the deck's energy, she decided to cleanse the deck before she tried to claim it as her own and use it. She wanted to still keep a connection to her loved one, but at the same time get rid of any negative energy that might have been left with the cards during that person's end of days. What would you suggest she do? She mentioned salt and sage and crystals. I advised not to leave the cards directly buried in salt as it will dry out the paper stock that the cards are printed on and make them less durable, which was something to think about when cleansing a deck if you want to keep the deck in tact. Are there any other things that a person should think about when cleansing a deck? Let us know your thoughts.
Mshollie has written a book and been published and no it is not about Tarot, but since she has been pretty active with replying to posts, I thought I would be nice and spread the word to anyone that is interested in our community, especially since she hasn't had a promotion post submitted yet for her.

Here is a little blurb about her book and where to find it if anyone is interested. I would like to tell her congratulations and good luck. If anyone else here who hasn't had a promotion post for their readings and has given readings and has something they would like me to take note of let me know.

"Christmas is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to give your special pageant someone a copy of Myths America: A Practical Guide to Pageantry. Now available on amazon.com!"

Now on to the other reason why I was posting.

I was recently reading an lj community also about tarot and ran into an interesting interpretation of a suit in Tarot. My question is do you commonly associate any particular suit with any emotion? (In this case the suit was swords and to that reader it was associated with hostility in general) Also let me know, if you can put it into words, why you personally feel this way.

Personally I tend to see swords as not hostile, but more challenges and roadblocks to overcome, but not inherently hostile. It was interesting to me to see that it was seen as such by some and I was wondering about it. I can say though when I think about it I tend to associate cups with emotion in general and see it as sort of fluffy and sweet even though some of the cards in the suit aren't at all. I think that I do this though as the suit reminds me of a friend who frequently gets cups in readings when I read for her and it reflects her character in a warm fuzzy way.

What are some of your personal feelings on the deck?

talk amongst yourselves

This time's question:

How has Tarot impacted your life?

My reactionCollapse )

Story time - 3rd card pick -

Our last story telling hour with our cards ended up like this, if you care to add to it, go for it. The card pulled this time is the... Ace of Swords.

Aeclectic.com tell us the meaning for this is:

The mind awakening for new challenges. This usually indicates that the person's mind is feeling sharper, clearer. They want to talk, want to discuss or write. The breeze stirs through the trees and the fledgling thinks of trying out its newly feathered wings. The sword is lifted, and the querent wants to test its edge.

We all have our own personal spin on the cards, so feel free to use yours.

Here is the story as it is now, feel free to add to it with Ace of Swords in mind to guide the story. (remember of course to try to keep the story fairly clean so that all can see it and I don't have to put the adult content filter on it)

Cards picked so far: Ace of Cups, Empress, Ace of Swords

story so farCollapse )

"So Where to?" Brooke asked

As he related where he was in a hurry to go, Brooke found herself not wanting him to step out of the car and out of her life. Sensing his impatience Brooke asked why he was in such a hurry. The man explained that he had a presentation and could not be late and already the world seemed to be working against him, not that he minded bumping into Brooke, he just couldn't afford to be late as his job depended on how well the presentation went today.

Hearing this, Brooke began to accelerate and swerve in and out of traffic, the Bentley wasn't just for cruising and Brooke knew how to push it for speed when it was needed. Arriving in short order at the man's place of business, Brooke realized that she didn't even have the man's name. She wished that things would slow down so that she could take the time she needed to make this acquaintance grow into something more, but it didn't seem that the cards were in her favor. Stopping the man just as he began to thank her and hop out of the car, the breeze brought his scent to her once more and she asked his name. Forever more she would associate the scent of pine and forest loam with the name Mark.

Mark turned away once more and began to hurry up the sidewalk.

"Mark!", Brooke urgently called. "Wait!"

Just catching Brooke's voice, Mark turned around. How could a stranger's voice sound so familiar?  He looked at his watch and hurried back over to the car. If he got away quickly he would just make it in time to set up the presentation with a small amount of time to spare.

"Brooke, I thanked you for the ride already and I really do appreciate it, but I have to leave if I stay much longer I will be late. "

Brooke looked hesitant, but decided to take charge of the situation. "Do you wanna get a cup of coffee or something sometime? Lunch even?"

Mark looked her up and down and hesitated, he didn't even know this woman and she was being sort of forward, "I guess we could do lunch sometime and get to know one another."

She could sense how hesitant he was and so she pushed further, not about to let him get away.

"That sounds like a date. I need your number."

" umm, well a date, I don't know I am very busy and I don't know you and..."

" I told you we aren't strangers anymore, I am Brooke and I need your number. I'm not leaving until I get it. "

He sighed and she knew that she had won this small victory as he gave her his number and hurried away into the very corporate looking building. She put the Bentley into drive and exuberantly drove back to her apartment where it was time for her to change back into normal clothing and be on her own way to work.


Lazy Mods

Okay so once more I will complain that I have been lax in my duties about posting conversation topics. I am not even certain what to post about here at the moment and to be honest I have been busy, sorry, but I haven't quit you yet. (If you would like me to though, don't forget to tell us all about it in the mod com)

Anyway, it is October, so a good month for the traditional Halloween posting about Tarot, that and yes I am shallow.

Tell me any story you would like about your cards, or spreads or anything really to do with Tarot that also has any connection with Halloween.

my reactionCollapse )

Speaking of entertainment, our last story telling hour with our cards ended up like this, if you care to add to it, go for it. The card pulled this time is...The Empress (which amuses me as the last card started us on a love story)

Here is the story as it is now, feel free to add to it with The Empress in mind to guide the story. (remember of course to try to keep the story fairly clean so that all can see it and I don't have to put the adult content filter on it)

current story, the saga of BrookCollapse )

morining and monthly discussion

It seems that I have totally been missing the bi weekly discussions, but I have been making at least once a month, so unless I get any objections, I think I am going to go ahead and say this is more of a monthly discussion thingy.

First off updates:

I have just gone though and updated the ratings for our readers. I think only one newcomer has been moved up to a rated state and everyone else seems to have maintained the status quo. If you are requesting readings and you don't have a favored reader yet, please consider some of our newcomers. If they don't get back to you in a timely manner (as I know I have pinged a small amount of them months back and have gotten no response), feel free to let me know about it in the mod community so that I can confirm whether or not these readers need to be taked off the active reader list in the sticky note for the community.

On a brighter note than general maintenance and blathering, MsHollie and I were talking in the last discussion post as well that is what you do in a discussion post. We found out that we are in fairly close proximity to one another. What does this mean for all of you, you wonder? It means that we started thinking of doing a tarot meeting of some sort. Nothing has been ironed out and this month for me is shot of course as I am taking a trip back to the northern states. What we did start wondering about was wether or not anyone else had thought of doing a stitch and bitch only with tarot or rather a tarot meetup in their areas. I might be interested in coordinating one down here if we have enough people in the community that would be interested in that sort of thing where we could all meet at say, a coffee shop and swap ideas on spreads and perhaps get some practice in with reading for students and generally talk of tarot. It might even freak out the locals a bit, but hopefully not too much. *grins*

Anyway the point was... does anyone else think that it might be a good idea to find out what areas people are in and are interested in doing a meetup in? Hollie and I are Southern Louisiana so if more of you are in the area or hankering for a long drive, shout out and I will see about perhaps getting the ball rolling on that, otherwise just ignore the insanity. *grins*

On to the discussion tarot part of this thing....

This month I have decided to quit being as lame in my opinion and rather than ask you questions, I am going to ask you to tell me a story. (with the cards of course)

Here is the idea, it is sort of like telephone. I am going to pull one card from the deck and make a story, something small pretaining to the meaning of the card or if your card has a lot of imagery and you think it pretains to the story in keeping with the cards general meaning (tell us what the card looks like in an asside or a picture in that case) add to my original story.

This will help with students learning to relate cards to one another in a reading and will make for a fun storytime for all of us. Please keep it clean or close to it as it is a public community. Anything that is deemed inappropriate, will be possibly asked to be rewritten or deleated depending on the amount of inappropriateness.

Have fun!

How appropriate.... Ace of Cups. We have a begining for a beginning.

Bear with me, I stink at writing and on the cheesiest note possible ours looks to be the begining of a love story.

It is Boston in the fall and love is in the air. It is a wonderfully crisp morning that is charged with energy and emotion. Feeling restless, Brooke decided to jog through the  park and take in the beautiful morning air. Until recently, she had felt uninspired in life and this morning felt like a morning where anything could happen. It was bursting with potential. She stepped out of her upperstory appartment and began to walk down the street. She was in such a mood that she didn't notice the stranger coming in the opposite direction and bumped right into them. She bent down to help pick up the newpaper they had dropped and when she looked up their eyes met. Right away she felt a strong connection to this mysterious person and wondered if their meeting was clandestine. Before she could get even their name, they were walking away mumbling at the rudness of people running right into them. Who was this person and why did she feel so connected to them? She had to find out.

Okay I think I have more than enough cheese going on there. Your turn. Pull cards and continue the story. Also I decided on brook as it is a water name and the first one that popped into my head so yeah.