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divination and reader networking

Divination Networking
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networking for experienced readers, novices and those looking for readings
Moderated community for diviners of all kind and those seeking readings.
If you are looking for a reading, please go HERE and read the guidelines, first.

If you are wanting to be a reader, here, please go HERE and read the guidelines, first.
To see a list of available readers, please check out the listings post.
arualanne has created a handy reference so that you can see a few of the spreads that your reader may use, here.

This is not a Tarot learning community, though you are more than welcome to request readings from more experienced readers for feedback and help, assuming they accept.
To learn about the cards, discuss tarot reading, and discuss all other aspects of reading/learning tarot, please join tarot_week.

Your Mods are 3speed, arualanne, and 5251962, but please keep complaints, questions and whatnot to tarotmods, in the Questions and Suggestions Post.

Ritual Legal Climbdown
In compliance with many of the laws currently in place, please note that any readings and/or advice given via Tarot_Guild and/or its readers through any medium are for entertainment purposes only. We are not doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, Miss Cleo, or miracle workers, and are no substitute for licensed, competent professionals.