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Welcome to Tarot Guild!

Welcome to Tarot Guild. Come on in... don't be shy, but first read these...guidelines for being read for and guidelines for readers

So now that you have that all out of your system and know how we work...If you have any questions or complaints, go here... tarot_mods

If you are looking for references or previous conversations, please visit the remember when... section as it should be all set up to remember those things for us.

Also if you are looking for a reader with a specific rating, the tags section should help you out there. If you are looking for readers by name, our list of readers post should help, eventually it might even get organized with experience and ratings added to the reader's name...

Thanks for the interest and if you have any questions or concerns, don't be shy and let us know at tarot_mods so that we can help.

Also... NOTE: you don't have to be a member to get a reading done, so please ask away as we all like to read the cards and are more than willing to take them out for a request. It might take us a bit to get back to you, but if it takes longer than a few days, let the mods know so we can find out what the problem is for you.

To this not having to be a member end, we have also made a group on facebook that can be joined if you would like community updates and links to any of the new posts.Tarot Guild

Discussion post

Okay, so I have been a slacker lately with the discussion posts. I am not getting any suggestions for what people might wanna talk about and I have been busy with work lately so sorry.

Here we are though and I am still totally lame, but lets see if we can get a bit of discussion going or something something. *grins*

For readers: Keep in mind my brain is addled from doing a book index and doesn't want to work, so if you guys come up with something better to discus, the more ideas the merrier. Lets do a little get to know your friendly community readers bit here. Tell us something interesting about yourself, it doesn't have to do anything with the cards or readings, just something that people might find interesting and therefore wanna discuss and get to know you a little better and see if you might be the personality for them....

For me, I can pinch with my toes and I am a little odd, but only a little. Can you tell that my brain has been addled by indexing and no coffee for the afternoon?

For people having their cards read: What do you look for when picking a reader to read your card, if anything? What keeps you coming back for more?

So there are my lame questions. I challenge the community to do better and list a question for the community with whatever responses you have to mine.

Intro Post

Name: Celia

Preferred method of initial contact: Email: evolvingsoul85@aim.com. LJ messages are also fine.

Readings offered: I offer a Spiritual Guidance tarot reading. It has eight cards and offers very good pertinent information.

Short Bio: My name is Celia. I've been reading tarot cards for nine years. I will always be a practicing student lol.

Payment Options: Tips or donations are always welcome. :D

A question for the discussion group

Have you ever had a reading/set of readings where you didn't have to draw the cards at all?

I'll go into my answer here.Collapse )

Talk amongst yourselves 6

Once again it is that time where I pose some more questions and see if anyone is out there...

This question is more for the professionals in our group.

What differences have you noticed about reading tarot professionally as opposed to for friends or family?
What are some pros and cons of the job.

For those of you that don't read professionally, the question would be...

What are some pros and cons to being read for professionally?
What are some of the differences when getting a reading?

Talk away and let me know if y'all have anything that you might wanna talk about next time as well.

my answers to my questions. Collapse )

Talk amongst yourselves 5

Okay, It is that time again and here I am posting. I liked the global reading post and although there weren't many responses, we would like everyone to feel free to participate and suggest anything you might feel is relevant to tarot to talk about.

The interactive part this time is just to do a one card draw while focusing on the community and tell us your interpretation.

For those of you that may not have time to pull out the old deck and then post about a reading.... The question I pose is what drew you to your favorite deck? In this I am looking for the story of how you found/purchased/received your favorite deck and what makes it special to you.

So have at it and if you can link to the deck in question so that we can share what they look like that would be great too.

For those of you that get readings instead of preform readings.... What decks appealed to you when you were being read for and why?

Talk amongst yourselves 3

Okay, I have been lax and didn't post another talk amongst yourself for a while. Sorry about that. As stated previously if anyone has something they would like to converse about, let us know at tarot_mods.

What are the main differences between reading for yourself, reading for friends/family, and reading for strangers, in terms of how you prepare yourself and how you conduct the reading itself?

My next one-card draw

I'll be doing another One-Card draw tomorrow! More information available here. Thanks! :)
Okay, here goes. :)

Kim is fine. :)

Preferred method of initial contact-
Any method of contact is fine with me. You can use LJ message, or e-mail me.

Readings offered-
I offer intuitive and tarot readings, mostly (that is what folks ask for the most).

SHORT bio.
little diddy back hereCollapse )

Payment/Professional information-
If you have your own RELATED website, link to it.

My site

Donations and tips...


Friendly reminder

Just a friendly reminder to the community. Today is the end of April, please post any updated averages if you have them on Tarot Mods. Just put in the subject line, Update for April, so I know it is an update. Thanks.


"Talk Amongst Yourselves" - motivation

It is that time again, time for chatter. I seem to be interested in people's motivations in life, what makes them tick. So this question is getting at that.

I want to know what got you interested in tarot in the first place. For some of us we might have to take a long trip down memory lane and for some of us it might just be a slight jog, either way I am interested.

For the readers out there, this includes what got you actually reading cards, for those of you out there that watch us, but don't read, let me know what got you interested in getting the cards read. Was it superstition, skepticism, strange curiosity or what?

Also while we are at it, for people who have gotten readings in the past and for readers, are there any tips that you have learned over time for new readers or advice for people new to tarot that you would like to impart?

Talk away, and while your at it, if you think of any topic you would like to discus, let us know at tarot_mods.