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This isn't our community on lj obviously, however I feel that her story should be shared and discussed. Follow the link to hear how a chain store in Georgia hired this woman as an entertainer to read tarot for a promotional thing for the store and because one person said that they were offended by the tarot being read there, she got treated as someone that had done something wrong and threatened that if she didn't go to the end of the parking lot far away from the store to read that the store would not pay her for the service they asked her to perform.

That is the story in a nutshell, but the details are interesting and she does give the store e-mail for people to tell the manager how they feel about the incident, if you feel so inclined, read more and perhaps speak up.

Has anyone else every experienced something similar while reading cards? In my own experience about the only thing that I have had to deal with was my own parent's reaction to the cards in the first place. Every other time I have read or had the cards out I have found that people are more curious than anything else rather than close minded, but I could have just been fortunate in my experiences.

Edit: The end of her story after many people had e-mailed and responded to what happened:community.livejournal.com/tarot/515747.html