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talk amongst yourselves

This time's question:

How has Tarot impacted your life?

For me it has given me some comfort in times of need and some food for thought during tricky situations. It isn't anything I let dictate my actions, but it is nice to have to inspire thought. I can say though, I have run into people that aren't as tolerant of the cards as I would like, my parents included that have made disparaging remarks because I even posses them. Generally though people have taken an interest in them and have asked for readings so that they could see how the cards worked as well and I have found it a pleasant experience to be able to share with people who are curious.


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Nov. 9th, 2009 11:40 pm (UTC)
I find the cards have given me an insight into my life I wouldn't have had otherwise. I use them as a guide, to answer some difficult questions I may have or to give me insight into a particular person or event.

So many people I know have the misconception that tarot and oracles are used to foretell the future. I don't use the cards that way. I use the cards as a way to give me an overall picture of a person or event.

I have used the cards to interpret an upcoming event and how I should go about acting during that event. I've interpreted many events this way.

I've yet to use them in plotting my writing. I do know that Philip K. Dick used the I Ching to plot The Man in the High Castle. I think I'll continue writing over in the next post to see what the Ace of Swords has to tell me.
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